Providing expertise, analysis and problem solving in:

  • Coal mechanical and chemical processing and conversion
  • Coal quality estimation for a range of industrial applications
  • Coal value chain between mines and variety of customers

Gasification & Gas Processing

Comprehensive knowledge of classic coal, residual and underground gasification;

  • Gasifier type characterstics and operation;
  • Feedstock and utilities;
  • Feeding and moderating techniques;
  • Gas cooling and processing;
  • Gas condensable products processing and treatment;
  • Pressure swing adsorption

Continuous Improvement

For all the listed above and other industrial disciplines, Continuous Improvement techniques, Lean Management, Six Sigma principles and Theory of Constraint are applicable and yield results.

Consulted Projects and Processes

  • Coal deposits compatibility with the Lurgi Gasification demands for Angul Gasification Plant (Jindal Steel & Power, India)
  • Major operational features of Lurgi Mark IV and V reactors and coal quality required for FBDB gasifiers (Sasol Synfuels, South Africa)
  • Coal blending and processing prerequisites for customer recipients of Secunda Complex (Sasol Synfuels, South Africa)
  • Operational parameters for new generation, fixed bed and entrained coal gasifiers (Air Liquide, China)
  • Evaluation and selection of options for heavy residue gasification project (China)

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